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Annual Major Works Programme (AMWP)

We have come a long way in our journey which began in 2003 from vintage barracks to State of Art infrastructure.
With the persistent efforts of Adjutant General and Quarter Master General, 74 Schools have been sanctioned in
AMWP. Schools constructed through AMWP get modern infrastructure. Out of this 49 schools have been completed
and balance are in various stages of progress. List of these schools are given below:-



  Constr in Progress   Due to RAA/Tree Cutting
Jodhpur Jaipur   Ahmednagar   Secunderabad
Bathinda Binnaguri   Jabalpur   Kirkee
Bangalore Hissar  


Alwar Dharangadhara  


Narangi Bhopal   Sangrur    Jorhat
Bikaner Gwalior   Mhow   Agra
Patiala Bengdubi   Fatehgarh   Ramgarh
Janglot Gopalpur   Lucknow (SP Marg)  
Chennai Tibri BD Bari
Chandimandir Suratgarh   Jammu Cantt  
Ranchi Raiwala  


Kunraghat Sukna   Damana  
Tezpur Samba   Trivandrum  
Pathankot Dinjan   Ganganagar  
Jaisalmer Jhansi    Kapurthala  
Golconda Nagrota   Ratnuchak  
Amritsar Akhnoor      
Kolkata Kota    
Mamun Kaluchak      
Ferozepur Nasirabad      
Dehradun (CT) Meerut      
Lucknow (LBS Marg) Mathura      
Pune Kanpur        
Yol Cantt Shillong        

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Completed Projects.

1.      Campus with state of the art buildings, equipment and infrastructure has been completed for eight of our colleges, namely :-
         (a)     Army Institute of Technology (AIT) Pune
         (b)     Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (AIHM & CT)
         (c)     Army Institute of Law (AIL) Mohali
         (d)     Army College of Dental Sciences (ACDS) Secunderabad
         (e)     Army Institute of Education (AIE) Greater Noida
         (f)      Army Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) Greater Noida
         (g)     Army College of Nursing (ACN) Jalandhar
         (h)     Army College of Medical Sciences (ACMS) Delhi Cantt.
2.      Infrastructure includes hostel accommodation, administration and academic accommodation along with modern recreational facilities.


Projects Under Planning.

1.      Construction of Army Institute of Management at Kolkata (Rajarhat Campus)is under progress. Constr Work Ph-I completed 100% and Ph-II about 32%

2.      Constr of 300 Girls Hostel at AIFD Bangalore is in prog. 35% Wk have been completed

3.        Land for Army Institute of Nursing, Guwahati has been allotted by the Govt of Assam on 19 Apr 2017 and tender action for selection / hiring of consultant for contr of new campus is in prog


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Last updated : 03 Jan 2019

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